Outreachy: Week 1

Hello world!

Thanks for dropping by! :D

I am Shreya and I hail from India. I am a self-taught programmer and python is my go-to language. When I am not coding, I love cooking and baking. I love to paint as well. I am selected as an intern under Fedora for the project nmstate and nispor and I will be adding wireguard and WiFi support to both.

I have done my undergraduate in civil engineering but that stream didn't suit me at all and for the last 2 years I have been trying to make a shift.

My core values are:

  1. Growth: I let go of things easily and just believe in growth. I strongly believe that one should always strive for self-growth in any form, be it the knowledge and awareness or some personal goals.

  2. Optimism: I always see the glass as half full. I love to look at the positive side of things/situation. It helps me keep me calm and help me grow. I have days that are not very positive but that's alright.

  3. Curiosity: I love to explore and learn new things always. Be it about different cultures, people, food or technology. This value is what has driven me to become a software developer.

What motivated me to participate in outreachy

I came to know about opensource in my freshmen year of my college. The concept of collaborative working was a new thing for me and as I looked more into it, I was amazed. I thought of becoming a part of it. My main motivation for becoming a part was opensource communities don't ask for your stream of study or your resume. All that matters to them is the skills you bring to the table. I started contributing to opensource projects here and there on Github. I came to know about Outreachy a year and a half ago through an alum. I read many blogs from different interns and I found the purpose of Outreachy very inspiring and therefore I decided to apply for it.

When I started off, it was quite intimidating. I didn't know how to start. However, I gave it some time and persevered, and I would encourage anyone interested to do the same. I finally got through the initial application, I was so happy that I finally did it. But when I started contributing I got so overwhelmed with the projects and other candidates doing great work that I decided to quit at a time but then I took a day off to introspect and convinced myself to not leave this opportunity and give a final shot. I resumed contributing and finally submitted my final application. I was proud of myself that I didn't quit. On the 23rd of November, I received my acceptance email and I was on cloud nine. At last, I would like to thank everyone who helped me on this journey of mine.

Happy coding! :D