Outreachy: Week 7

Modifying Expectations

Hi, again!

Almost halfway through the internship, making progress with each passing week, I can see how planning plays an important role before starting any task. However, I also noticed how important it is to also modify the expectations according to the circumstances which are perfectly fine. Delays to projects happen. Maybe your project turned out to be more complicated than you or your mentor anticipated. Maybe you needed to learn some concepts before you could tackle project tasks. Maybe the community documentation wasn't up-to-date or was wrong. These are all perfectly valid reasons for projects to be a bit behind schedule.

My proposed timeline for my project - implementing wireguard support to nmstate, was something along - starting with wireguard implementation for nispor and then move on with writing wireguard schema for nmstate. This timeline seemed very realistic at the start with proper time commitments given to each task and enough breathers to learn and research about new stuff. Later on, my mentor proposed that we should start with writing wireguard schema for nmstate first because I was more comfortable with python and starting with something familiar will help us move forward smoothly and in the meanwhile, I can learn rust in order to contribute to nispor.

So far, we have been working well with the modified timeline and as my mentor always says, it is more important to learn new things and work efficiently without worrying about deadlines much. I strongly agree with him on this. :)

Thanks again, for lending me your attention. Meet you all in the next blog. Ciao. :)